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PlugLab Technologies Limited is the Medium Sized Company that helps Clients be beneficial to their Businesses by creating Surpassing Digital Technology.
The company was established and registered by the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) under the company Act no.12 of 2002 to offers the varieties of ICT services.
Our team is an exceptional one with very talented experts who work to bring your ideas into reality taking in your requirements and engineering ground breaking solutions.

Service Overviews

If you are looking premium quality web hosting package for your website, you are right place!
We offer outstanding user friendly web hosting package for all!

Web Hosting

We are Proffesional Web Hosting Company.All IP addresses are used in the system are not included in the blacklist clean ip address system, so that no spam will not fall on system

Website Designing

Our team work together to develop website that are not only visually good impression, but have the functionality to deliver our clients requirements.

Graphics Designing

Our specialists work on an international level in branding, design and development.We do Company Branding including Logos and all Digital stationary materials.

Computer Maintenance

We work to bring malfunction Desktop, Laptop and any electronics appliance into alive.


We design and implement networks by considering factor the needs of the various teams and departments within your organisation into your network plan so that can have a great impact on performance

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50+ customers can not be wrong!

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